2018 ICNS List of Accepted Papers and Track Assignments

AbNo TrackNo Title Author First Name Author Last Name Company
104 1 AeroMACS Delivering Secure Networks Through PKI Policy and Certificate Declan Byrne AeroMACS - WiMAX Forum
133 1 Paving the Way for an IT Security Architecture for LDACS: A Datalink Security Threat- and Risk Analysis  Nils Mäurer DLR
179 1 On the Security of Datalink Communication Systems Corentin Bresteau Polytechnique Montréal
180 1 Cybersecurity: The Internet of Things Meets the Connected Aircraft Don Christie Honeywell
189 1 Trustworthiness Requirements and Models for Aviation and Aerospace Systems Anna Baron Garcia Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
190 1 Cyber Security of Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) Krishna Sampigethaya United Technologies Research Center
194 1 ADS-B Security Consideration in Japanese Airspace from a Technical Perspective Junichi Naganawa Electronic Navigation Research Institute
196 1 ATN/IPS Security Madhu Niraula Rockwell Collins
199 1 An Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy for Federal Critical Infrastructure Modernization Ian Bradley Federal Aviation Adminstration/ Georgetown University
201 1 An Overview of Recent Advances and Security Challenges in Emerging E-Enabled Aircraft Systems Farooq Shaikh University of South Florida
222 1 Lightweight Crypto for Lightweight UASs Kevin Driscoll Honeywell International Incorporated
228 1 Predictive Intelligence and Resilience Techniques to Secure the Next Generation of Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Platforms from Cyber Attack Nina Vajda Honeywell Aerospace
109 2 Automated Detect and Avoid: Autonomy and Ethics Erik Theunissen Netherlands Defence Academy
110 2 Commercial Spaces Vehicle Tracking using ADS-B Nestor Voronka M42 Technologies
117 2 Perception; the Integration Paradox of RPAS into Non Segregate Air Space John Romero Colombian Civil Aviation Authority
136 2 UAS CNS Architecture Concepts for Uncontrolled Airspace Fred Templin The Boeing Company
138 2 Wide Band Channel Characterization for Low Altitude Unmanned Aerial Systems Communication Using Software Defined Radios Nozhan Hosseini University of South Carolina
143 2 Reliability Analysis of Cooperative Traffic Conflict Detection in Drone Ad-Hoc Networks Lukas Marcel Schalk German Aerospace Center (DLR)
159 2 Offset Calculation for Traffic Scenarios Andreas Volkert DLR (German Aerospace Center)
160 2 A Proposal for the Frame Structure of a Control and Non-Payload Communication Link for Unmanned Aircraft in C-Band Daniel M. Mielke German Aerospace Center DLR
163 2 Integration of Fixed Air-Routes into UAS Traffic Management System Daniel Kekere Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
168 2 Incorporating Emerging Markets into NAS Collaborative Planning  Alicia Fernandes Mosaic ATM
170 2 Towards an Interoperable Integration of Commercial Space Transportation into ATM Sven Kaltenhaeuser German Aerospace Center DLR
175 2 Addressing the Low Altitude Airspace Integration Challenge — USS or UTM Core? Frank Matus Thales
181 2 UTM – A Complimentary Set of Services to ATM Praveen Raju Federal Aviation Administration
183 2 UAS SE&I Study: UAS Integration Impacts on NAS Domains- Especially CNS / ATM Kevin Niewoehner Booz Allen Hamilton (FAA SE-2020 Contract to ANG-B)
186 2 Integration of UAS in Existing Air Traffic Management Systems Connotations and Consequences Ian Wilson The Boeing Company
187 2 UAS Ground-Based Detect and Avoid Standards Development Ray Young NUAIR
188 2 UAS Situational Awareness Shortcomings, Gaps, and Future Research Needs Terry Blumer Aviation Management Associates 
202 2 Pre-Flight Checks of Navigation Systems and PAPI Lights Using a UAV Ebrahim Rahnama Iran Airports & Navigation Company
203 2 Total System Error Performance of Drones for an Unmanned PBN Concept Robert Geister German Aerospace Center
212 2 Rapid Assessment of Air Traffic Impact of Blocking Airspaces Amal Srivastava MITRE Corporation
214 2 UAS Traffic and Flight Plans for Simulation Modeling Sanjiv Shresta FAA
215 2 Computer Models for use in UAS Ground-Based Sense-and-Avoid Studies Seamus McGovern U.S. Department of Transportation
217 2 Narrow-Band Propagation Statistics of Aeronautical Mobile-Ground Links in the L- and C-Bands Robert Kerczewski NASA Glenn Research Center
218 2 Phased Array Antenna for the Mitigation of UAS Interference James Downey NASA Glenn Research Center
219 2 Assessing C2 Communications for UAS Traffic Management Robert Kerczewski NASA Glenn Research Center
223 2 ADS-B Mixed sUAS and NAS System DAA Performance Konstantin Matheou Zin Technologies Inc.
230 2 Small Unmanned Aircraft Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Assessment Jaewoo Jung NASA Ames Research Center
231 2 New Entrant Operations above Flight Level 600 (FL600) Madison Welch MITRE
105 3 Concepts for Delivering IFR Clearances and Exchanging Pre-Departure Data Using Mobile Devices Paul Diffenderfer The MITRE Corporation
106 3 A Transitional System for Operating Both Sectorless and Sectored Airspace in Southeast Asia Hee Wei Gary Foo Nanyang Technological University
112 3 Air Traffic Controller Conduct of a No-Closer-Than Spacing Operation with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Randall Bone MITRE Corp
113 3 User Preference and Trajectory Option Sets (TOS) to Achieve Traffic Flow Management Beneifts Michael Robinson The MITRE Corporation
115 3 Anticipating Surface Congestion: A Comparison of Static with Dynamic Bayesian Networks Tony Diana Federal Aviation Administration
116 3 A Flight Flow Collaborative Optimization Method for Sector Network Based on Dynamic Adaptive NSGA-Ⅱ Algorithm Wenhao Wu School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University
128 3 Estimating Arrival Throughput Improvements for an Autonomous Approach and Landing System (AALS)  Oleksandra Snisarevska Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University
135 3 Technical Approach to FF-ICE/1 and Global Harmonization through IIH&V Alessandro Zuniga Harris Corporation
139 3 An Operational Approach to FF-ICE/1 and Global Harmonization through IIH&V Kristin Cropf LS Technologies
141 3 Aviation Strategic Outlook – Factors Driving the CNS-ATM Ecosystem Ronald Stroup Federal Aviation Administration
142 3 Analysis of En-Route Vertical Flight Efficiency Sam Peeters EUROCONTROL
144 3 Modeling Spatial Distribution of Itinerant General Aviation Operations by Aircraft Type Tao Li University of Texas at Arlington
145 3 Multi-Objective Integrated Arrival & Departure Aircraft Sequencing under the Influence of Sequential Flights Junfeng Zhang College of Civil Aviation, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
146 3 Benefits of Reducing National Playbook Flight Rerouting via Advanced Flight-Specific Trajectories (AFST) William Weiss The MITRE Corporation Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
148 3 Quantifying Operating Cost Reduction from Aircraft Performance Optimization Dave Lax GE Aviation Systems
151 3 A Comparison Study of Scheduled Block Times in China and Europe Wei Dai Civil Aviation University of China
152 3 Paired Approach Flight Demonstration: Planning and Development Activities Kenneth Leiden Mosaic ATM, Inc.
162 3 Research on the Dynamic CDA Track Optimization Based on the Optimal Trajectory Points Selection Fengxun Gong Civil Aviation University of China
165 3 Assessing Vertical Flight Profiles during Climb and Descent in the US and Europe Sam Peeters EUROCONTROL
169 3 Guidelines for Pilot and Cognitive Assistant Interactions Steven Estes The MITRE Corp
171 3 Managing Aircraft by Trajectory: Literature Review and Lessons Learned Kenneth Leiden Mosaic ATM, Inc.
172 3 Taking Trajectory Based Operations to the Next Level: Management by Trajectory Alicia Fernandes Mosaic ATM
173 3 Value Added Semantic Containers for SWIM Eduard Gringinger Frequentis AG
174 3 Real-Time Alerting of Flight Status for-Low Tier Suppliers in the Air Transportation Supply Chains Lance Sherry Center for Air Transportation Systems Research (CATSR) at George Mason University
176 3 Evaluating of the Benefits of Allowing Flight Level and Mach Number Adjustment for Fuel Efficiency for Flight Operations in Oceanic Airspace Tao Li University of Texas at Arlington
177 3 Advanced Trajectory Modeling: Use of Aircraft-Derived Data in Ground Automation Victoria Gallagher Federal Aviation Administration
178 3 Air Navigation Service Efficiency of European Airports Utilizing Data Envelopment Analysis Steffen Hoffmann Faculty of Economics, Chair of Operations Research, FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany
184 3 Evaluation of Conflict Detection Based on Probability Přemysl Volf Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Center
198 3 A Global View on the Alignment of World-Wide Air Traffic Alexander Kuenz DLR German Aerospace Center
206 3 A Scenario-Based Optimization Approach to Robust Estimation of Airport Apron Capacity Kaiquan Cai Beihang University
207 3 A Technical Study on Required Surveillance Performance for Reducing Standard Separation Minima in final approach Mohamed Ellejmi EUROCONTROL
216 3 Passenger Object data service for end-to-end Trajectory Based Operations Antonio Correas Skymantics
224 3 Addressing Shortfalls in the FAA's Air Traffic Operations Network via a Prototype Software Program Bruce Wilson Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
226 3 Most Suitable Airport to Land API on the Cloud Samet  Ayhan Boeing Research & Technology
102 4 Feasibility Study on Maritime Patrol Aircraft into National Airspace using ADS-B Transponder Chin E. Lin AA Department, National Cheng Kung University
103 4 VDL Mode 2 Message Latency and Channel Utilization John Seybold Harris Corporation
108 4 A Flexible Datalink System Architecture for Helicopter Yunsheng Wang CETC Avionics Co., Ltd.
114 4 Preparing for Transition: Accommodation of Mixed Data Communication Equipage for a Harmonized Future Gregory Saccone The Boeing Company
119 4 Bird Strike Mitigation Using Avian Radar and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Chris Bartone Ohio University
120 4 Frequency Assignment Function for Unmanned-Aircraft Command and Control Links Frank Box The MITRE Corporation
126 4 Research on Global Tracking and Monitoring Technology of Aircraft Based on Multi-information Sources Wanwei Wang Civil Aviation University of China
129 4 Experimental Prototype for MSPSR Bbased on Optical Fiber Connected Passive PSR Masato Watanabe Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI)
130 4 Design and Implement of Global Flight Tracking System Based on Satellite-Based ADS-B Min Chen Civil Aviation University of China
134 4 Data Integration Augmentation by ADS-B SSR Hybrid Techniques Paolo Mariano Leonardo S.p.A.
137 4 New Interface Requirements: Implications for Future James Farrell VIGIL Inc.
140 4 Improved 5th-CKF and its Application in Initial Alignment Wei Wang School of Instrument Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China
147 4 Application of Reinforcement Learning to Detect and Mitigate Airspace Loss of Separation Events Megan Hawley Honeywell
149 4 In-Flight Performance of a Multi-Mode Software Defined Radio Architecture for Universal Avionic Radios Anh-Quang Nguyen LASSENA, Ecole de Technologie Superieure
150 4 Additional Data Capacity of Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Dongsong Zeng The MITRE Corporation
154 4 A Low-Cost GPS/INS Integration Methodology Based on Discrete Grey Prediction during GPS Outages Yuexin Zhang Southeast University
156 Variational Bayesian Based Adaptive Embedded Cubature Kalman Filter Algorithm for Initial Alignment of SINS Jian Wang Southeast University
157 A Novel Robust Kalman Filter for SINS/GPS Integration Min Zhong Southeast University
158 4 L-Band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS) Activities in SESAR2020 Christoph Rihacek Frequentis AG
161 4 New APNT Ranging Signals as an Opportunity for Rationalizing Ground Infrastructure Giuseppe Battista DLR - Germany Aerospace Center
166 4 Research on Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing in Europe Valeriu Vitan EUROCONTROL
167 4 Using Advanced Machine Learning Techniques for Automatic Pilot Readback Error Detection Shuo Chen The MITRE Corporation
185 4 An Integrated Architecture for a Global IP Based Infrastructure and a Simple Service Architecture for Advanced Air Traffic Management and Control Communications Terry Davis atfCYBER
195 4 Initial Results on Narrowband Air-Ground Propagation Channel Modeling using Opportunistic ADS-B Measurement for Coverage Design Junichi Naganawa Electronic Navigation Research Institute
200 4 L-Band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS) Flight Trials in the National German Project MICONAV Thomas Gräupl German Aerospace Center (DLR)
210 4 Complementary Phase-Coded Stepped-Frequency LFM for SAR Waveforms Ashraf Seleym The British University in Egypt
211 4 Airport Information Sharing Concept Architecture Development Rafael Apaza NASA Glenn Research Center
221 4 NAS Multilateration in the Absence of GNNS and Dedicated Reference Transmitter Synchronization Robert Mueller Regulus-Group
227 4 Inmarsat Aviation Safety Dale Irish Inmarsat
118 5 Design of Ice Super Saturated Region (ISSR) Vizualization Tool for Contrail Planning Denis Avila Center for Air Transportation Systems Research (CATSR) at George Mason University
124 5 A Playback System for Flight Surveillance Information Jun Yang Civial Aviation University of China
127 5 Dual Use CNS boosts Civil-Military Interoperability Jorge Pereira EUROCONTROL
131 5 Deriving the Slant Visibility Using the Klett Method and the Visualization of the Slant Visibility at the Airport Yuzhao Ma Civil Aviation University of China
164 5 Attention in Convolutional Neural Network for Object Tracking Xiangdong Kong Beihang University
182 5 Fast and Accurate, Convolutional Neural Network based Approach for Object Detection from UAV Xiaoliang Wang Virginia State University
197 5 The Remote Oceanic Meteorology Information Operational (ROMIO) Demonstration Eldridge Frazier FAA
204 5 Moral Autonomy in Decision-Making Support from Avionics Analytics Ontology Carlos C. Insaurralde Teesside University
225 5 Identifying the Key Elements of NextGen Technology Policy-Making Yesim Sireli University of North Carolina at Charlotte