Status of Papers

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The following lists the status of papers. The papers are divided into 6 Tracks as follows:

Track 1 Air Traffic Management (ATM)
Track 2 Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance
Track 3 Safe & Secure Air Transportation Systems
Track 4 Space-Dependent CNS & APNT
Track 5 Special Topics/Other
Track 6 UAS Use and Integration

Session Dates

Session A Tuesday, April 18
Session B
Session C Wednesday, April 19
Session D
Session E Thursday, April 20

ICNS No. indicates Track/Session + Order of Presentation.

Presentation Times
(n=A & E )

n1 1:00 - 1:30 pm
n2 1:30 - 2:00 pm
n3 2:00 - 2:30 pm
n4 2:30 - 3:00 pm
Break 3:00 - 3:30 pm


n1 3:30 - 4:00 pm
n2 4:00 - 4:30 pm
n3 4:30 - 5:00 pm
n4 5:00 - 5:30 pm

ICNS No. indicates Track/Session + Order of Presentation.

Presentation Times
(n=C )

n1 1:30 - 2:00 pm
n2 2:00 - 2:30 pm
n3 2:30 - 3:00 pm
n4 3:00 - 3:30 pm
Break 3:30 - 4:00 pm


n1 4:00 - 4:30 pm
n2 4:30 - 5:00 pm
n3 5:00 - 5:30 pm
n4 5:30 - 6:00 pm

ICNS No. indicates Track + Session + Order of Presentation.

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Title is the title of the paper as entered in the abstract or paper submission form.
Author is the first author entered in the abstract submission form or the first author listed in the paper.
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2017 ICNS Status of Papers and Presentations
ICNS AbNo P or Pr. Title Principal Author Name Student Paper Reg. IEEE Pres.
        Totals 20 65/70 78/84 64/70 82/84
1A1 141 Paper Convex Sectorization - A Novel Integer Programming Approach Christiane Schmidt No X X X X
1A2 169 Paper Airspace Sectorization Optimization Using Fast-Time Simulation of Air Traffic Controller's Workload Premysl Volf No X X X X
1A3 149 Paper A Semi-Supervised Learning Method for Air Traffic Complexity Evaluation Xi Zhu Yes X X X X
1B1 103 Paper The Research of Airborne ADS-B-Based Procedures of Longitudinal Separation on Arrival Phase Using Fast-Time Simulation Olesya Khakhaleva No X X X X
1B2 119 Pr Only Advanced Trajectory Modeling: Exploring Technologies for Improved Air Traffic Management Biruk Abraham No NA X NA X
1C1 179 Paper Comparison Of ATFM Practices And Performance In The U.S. And Europe Kamala Shetty No X X X X
1C2 182 Paper Assessing Vertical Flight Profiles in the US and Europe Marc Meekma No X X X X
1C3 172 Paper Economic Impact of Level-Altitude Flight Segments Benjamin Levy No X X X X
1D1 155 Paper Taxi-Delays: The Use of Distance as a Reference for the Unimpeded Taxi-Time Nathalie Kühn Yes X X   X
1D2 166 Paper Experimental Prototype for Remote Tower Systems Design Jaime Lopez-Araquistain Yes X X X X
1D3 168 Paper Simulation of Time-on-Procedure (ToP) for Evaluating Airline Procedures Houda Kerkoub Kourdali Yes X X X X
1D4 120 Paper Validating the FACTS2 Air Traffic Simulation Framework Thomas Gräupl No X X X X
1E1 101 Paper Integration of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Voice Communications  into the FAA National Airspace (NAS)  Joy Wang No X X X X
1E2 204 Paper How Much Money Could Passengers Earn if the U.S. had European Airline Consumer Protection Laws? Lance Sherry No X X   X
1E3 135 Pr Only Information Management and Air Traffic Management Concepts of Operation  Ian Wilson No NA X NA X
2A1 130 Pr Only Impact Assessment of LDACS on JTIDS Miguel A. Bellido-Manganell No NA X NA X
2A2 122 Pr Only AeroMACS Secure Broadband Connectivity for Aviation D-Taxi via AeroMACS Declan Byrne No NA X NA X
2A3 129 Paper AeroMACS Analyses and Simulations for Spectrum Planning Izabela Gheorghisor No X X X X
2A4 224 Paper AeroMACS Field Trial at Haneda Airport Toshiyuki Inagaki No     X X
2B1 201 Paper Detection Probability Estimation Model for Wide Area Multilateration Junichi Naganawa No X X X X
2B2 113 Paper A Fast Alignment Method for SINS with Large Misalignment Angles Based on ADRC Dongrui Yang Yes X X X X
2B3 145 Paper An Algorithm About Gyroscope Constant Drift Compensation for Strapdown Vertical Reference System Based on Kalman Filter Tong Jinwu Yes X   X X
2C1 184 Paper Internet Protocol Suite for Safety Services: Progress toward a Validated Standard Michael Olive No X X X X
2C2 133 Paper A Software Defined Networking Framework for Future Airborne Connectivity George Elmasry No X X X X
2C3 118 Paper Air/Ground System Wide Information Management: Concept Demonstration and Lessons Learned Biruk Abraham No X X X X
2C4 222 Pr Only Airport Information Sharing Concept Architecture Rafael Apaza No NA X NA X
2D1 187 Paper Multi-Mode Reconfigurable Software Defined Radio Architecture for Avionic Radios Abdessamad Amrhar Yes X X X X
2D2 192 Paper Design and Implementation of a Wideband Radio using Software Defined Radio for Avionic Applications Eric Zhang Yes X X X X
2D3 140 Paper CFO Tracking For Direct RF Sampling Architecture Applied to VHF Avionic Radios Anh-Quang Nguyen Yes X X X X
2E1 191 Paper Enabling Centralized UTM Services Through Cellular Network for VLL UAVs Ramazan Yeniceri No X X X X
2E2 188 Paper Multi-Sensor Fusion for UAS Ground-Based Detect and Avoid Capability Raymond Young No X X X X
2E3 181 Paper Considerations for an Integrated UAS CNS Architecture Fred Templin No X X X X
2E4 180 Paper Requirements for an Integrated UAS CNS Architecture Fred Templin No X X X X
3A1 196 Pr Only A Flexible Architecture for Secure "ACARS over IP" Supporting Both Legacy and New ACARS Features Terry Davis No NA X NA X
3A2 219 Paper An XML Datalink Message Exchange Model (DMXM) for Command and Control Data Sharing Antonio Correas No X X X X
3A3 199 Paper Recent Implementations and Challenges of an IP Network for Air Traffic Management in Colombia Oscar Pico Yes X X X X
3B1 134 Paper Integrating UAS into the Managed Airspace through the Extension of Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Cloud Services George Elmasry No X X X X
3B2 167 Paper Sharing the Skies (Safely): Near Term Perspective on sUAS Integration in the NAS Allison  Ferguson No X X   X
3B3 185 Paper Designing a Robust Detect and Avoid Alerting Function Eric Theunissen No X X X X
3B4 117 Pr Only Developing a Risk Based sUAS Airworthiness Approval Approach Jeff Breunig No NA X NA X
3C1 197 Paper A Secure and Trusted Protocol for UAV Enhancing Safety of On-Ground Airplanes Raja Naeem Akram No   X X X
3C2 198 Paper An Efficient Protocol for UAS Security Raja Naeem Akram No   X X X
3C3 223 Paper Cyber-Security Challenges Experienced on a Wireless Networked Aircraft Ramya Kanlapuli Rajasekaran Yes X X X X
3D1 153 Paper Towards Developing a Security Situation Management Information Exchange Model Rainer Koelle No   X   X
3D2 138 Pr Only Retrospective Cyber Security for Global System Wide Information Management Ian Wilson No NA X NA X
3D3 156 Paper Innovation and Certification in Aviation Software Jaiden Kennedy Yes X X X X
3E1 214 Paper SCMA Codebook Design Base on Circular-QAM Triratana Metkarunchit No X X X X
3E2 160 Paper Batch Loss Regularization in Deep Learning Method for Aerial Scene Classification Huang Yuanjun Yes X X X X
4A1 127 Paper Aireon's Initial On-Orbit Performance Analysis of Space-Based ADS-B Michael Garcia No X X X X
4A2 178 Pr Only Aireon's Cloud-Based ADS-B Service Display Andy Hoag No NA X NA X
4A3 216 Paper Study of UAS Satellite Earth Station Emission Limits for Terrestrial System Interference Protection in Ku Band  Robert Kerczewski No X X X X
4A4 217 Paper Communications for UAS Integration in the NAS Phase 2 - Satellite Communications and Terrestrial Extension James Griner No X X X X
4B1 115 Paper Benefit Analysis of a GA-Based DME/N Pulse on PBN  Euiho Kim No X X X X
4B2 164 Paper Detection of DME Ranging Faults with INS Coupling Omar Garcia Crespillo No X X X X
4B3 225 Pr Only A Holistic Approach to the Provision of Resilient Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance for the 21st Century National Airspace System through Improved L-Band Utilization Mitch Narins No NA X NA X
4C1 114 Paper A Data-Driven Approach for SLR Service Volume Design and Implementation Tony Boci No X X X X
4C2 200 Paper Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast for Surveillance of Unmanned Aircraft System Taehwan Cho No X X X X
4C3 202 Pr Only Flight Test of ADS-B Technology for Winged Reusable Launch Vehicle Re-entry Nickolas Demidovich No NA X NA X
5A1 121 Paper Evaluating the Design and Suitability of the Wildlife Surveillance Concept Mark Hale No X X X X
5A2 157 Pr Only Small UAS and the Awakening to Weather Impacts Matthias Steiner No NA X NA X
5A3 205 Paper Method for Calculating Net Radiative Forcing from Contrails from Airline Operations Denis Avila Yes X X X X
5A4 159 Paper Ontology-Based Data Description and Discovery in a SWIM Environment Ilko Kovacic Yes X X X X
5B1 139 Paper UAS and Wireless Spectrum: Modeling Data Link Demand Corey Snipes No X X X X
5B2 154 Paper RPAS Automatic Take-Off and Landing Operations using Computer Vision Björn Blom No X X X X
5B3 158 Paper Learning the State Space Based on Flying Pattern for Bird Detection Shuman Tian Yes X X X X
5B4 124 Paper Bi-Heterogeneous Convolutional Neural Network for UAV-Based Dynamic Scene Classification Jiewan Zheng Yes X X X X
5C1 171 Paper The Bridge to Space: CNS Technology for High Altitude Operations Ruth Stilwell No X X X X
5C2 148 Paper Optimisations in Aeronautical Communications Using Aircrafts as Relays Swagato Barman Roy Yes X X   X
5C3 175 Paper Investigation of Tropospheric Attenuations for UAS Beyond-Line-of-Sight Communications David Matolak No X X X X
6A1 111 Paper Airspace Risk Assessment in Logistic Path Planning for UAV Chin Lin Yes X X X X
6A2 136 Paper UAS Flight Test for Safety and for Efficiency Seamus McGovern No X   X X
6A3 203 Paper Formal Verification of Trustworthiness Requirements for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Radu Babiceanu No X X X X
6B1 128 Paper Flight Test Analysis of a Tracking System for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Vibhor Bageshwar No   X   X
6B2 131 Paper Communication Links for Unmanned Aircraft in Very Low Level Airspace Lukas Marcel Schalk No X X X X
6C1 151 Paper Decentralized Self-Propagating Ground Delay for UTM: Capitalizing on Domino Effect Leonid Sedov No X X X  
6C2 165 Paper Proposal for RPAS Integration into Non-Segregated Airspaces Leonardo Gomez No X X X X
6C3 183 Paper Challenges and Opportunities to Integrate UAS in the National Airspace System Leila Ribeiro No X X X X
6C4 215 Paper Integrating RPAS - Published Approach Procedures vs. Local Arrangements Dagi Geister No X X X X
6D1 142 Paper Enabling Unrestricted UAS Airspace Access: Performance Based Navigation Jenny Perrottet No X X X X
6D2 163 Paper Simulation of UAS Integration into Shared Airspace for Validation of Impact on ATM Systems Milan Rollo No X X X X
6D3 209 Pr Only Design of an Enhanced Defect Identification System for Commercial Building Construction June Juyeon Park Yes NA   NA X
6E1 176 Pr Only Cooperative Surveillance for UAVs and RPAS Olivier Rea No NA   NA X
6E2 116 Paper Minimum Risk Low Altitude Airspace Integration for Larger Cargo UAS Niklas Peinecke No X X X  
6E3 174 Paper Complex UAS Operations Using Algorithms Based On The LOST Protocol Dieter Eier No X X X X
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