ICNS 2017 Track/Session Chairs
T/S Title Chair Company/
1 Air Traffic Management (ATM) Bernd Korn German Aerospace Center (DLR) bernd.korn@dlr.de
A Air Traffic Complexity & Flow Management Werner Langhans Austro Control Werner.Langhans@austrocontrol.at)
B Advanced Operations Rainer Koelle Eurocontrol rainer.koelle@eurocontrol.int
Akshay Belle Booz Allen Hamilton Belle_Akshay@bah.com
C Simulation & Performance Assessment I Thomas Gräupl German Aerospace Center (DLR) Thomas.Graeupl@dlr.de
D Simulation & Performance Assessment II Tom Becker MITRE tbecher@mitre.org
E Communication & Information Management Gunnar Schwoch German Aerospace Center (DLR) gunnar.schwoch@dlr.de
2 Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) Michael Schnell German Aerospace Center (DLR) michael.schnell@dlr.de
A Data Link Communications Rafael Apaza NASA Glenn Research Center rafael.d.apaza@nasa.gov
B Navigation Systems Gregory Woo Volpe National Transportation Systems Center Gregory.Woo@dot.gov
C Networking and SWIM Mark Strout Department of Transportation Mark.Strout@dot.gov
D Software Defined Radio (SDR) & Spectrum Andrew Weinart MIT Lincoln Lab andrew.weinert@ll.mit.edu
E CNS for UAS Nick Demidovich Federal Aviation Administration Nickolas.Demidovich@faa.gov
3 Safe & Secure Air Transportation Systems Khanh Pham United States Air Force khanh.pham.1@us.af.mil
A New Technologies and Architectures in Access and Security Rainer Koelle EuroControl rainer.koelle@eurocontrol.int
Radu Babiceanu Embry Riddle Aeronautical University babicear@erau.edu
B Advanced Service Support for UAS Radu Babiceanu Embry Riddle Aeronautical University babicear@erau.edu
Sherry Yang Boeing Sherry.Yang@boeing.com
C  Security Advances in Aeronautical Applications Sherry Yang Boeing Sherry.Yang@boeing.com
Paul Kostek Air Direct Solutions LLC pkostek@aol.com
D Security for Aeronautical Information Systems Paul Kostek Air Direct Solutions LLC pkostek@aol.com
Rainer Koelle EuroControl rainer.koelle@eurocontrol.int
E Signal Processing and Data Fusion in Emerging Aeronautical Systems Dongsong Zeng MITRE dzeng@mitre.org
Amal Srivastava MITRE amal@mitre.org
4 Space-Dependent CNS & APNT Ryan Wu Saab Defense and Security, USA, LLC ryan.wu@saabusa.com
A Space-Dependent CNS and APNT Joe Post Federal Aviation Administration joseph.post@faa.gov
B Satellite Navigation and Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing (SAT-NAV & APNT) Mitch Narins Strategic Synergies LLC mitch@strategicsynergiesllc.com
C Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Applications Omar García Crespillo German Aerospace Center (DLR) Omar.GarciaCrespillo@dlr.de
5 Special Topic/Other Paul Prisaznuk ARINC paul.prisaznuk@sae-itc.org
A Special Topics on Enhanced Information Utilization Denise Ponchak NASA Glenn Research Center Denise.S.Ponchak@grc.nasa.gov
B UAS Deployment Anuja Verma MITRE averma@mitre.org
C UAS Challenges and Possibilities Yosef Gavriel Tirat-Gefen Castle Research yosefgavriel@castelresearch.com
6 UAS Use and Integration Dieter Eier Frequentis dieter.eier@frequentis.com
A UAS Safety - Modelling, Planning, Test Results Ray Young NUAIR Alliance ryoung@nuair.org
B UAS CNS - Communication, Navigation, Surveillance I Ryan Hale Boeing Ryan.D.Hale@boeing.com
C UAS CNS - Communication, Navigation, Surveillance II Chris Wargo MosaicATM cwargo@mosaicatm.com
D UAS - Detect, Sense & Avoid Antonio Correas Skymantics antonio.correas@skymantics.com
E UAS - Regulatory, Certification & Commercial Aspects Leila Ribeiro MITRE lribeiro@mitre.org